Talk Like a Pirate Day at Harborwalk

Buccaneer-Talk-LIke-A-Pirate-Ad-for-Print_ResizedAhoy mates! The international “Talk like a Pirate Day” is on September 19th and the Crew of the Buccaneer Pirate Ship is sending out a challenge to the Krewe of Bowlegs to come and participate in the Pirate Palooza at Harborwalk Village in honor of the day. Of course all mates, swabbies and land lubbers, young and old, are invited to the festivities. (Just bring your pirate talk with you.)

Pirate Palooza Family fun 4:00-7:00 PM

· Swashbuckling Stories
· Face Painting
· Photos- Arrr!
· Rollicking Street Entertainment
· Costume Contest
· Treasure Hunt
· …and more!

Pirate Paws Puppy Costume Contest: 5:00 PM
Awe, even the toughest pirate will be won over by this display of canine fashion

Other Adult Entertainment during the evening includes:

Pirate Paddle at 5:00 PM
..a stand up paddle board parade

Walk the Plank Costume Contest 6:30
Wear your best pirate costume for this challenge, mate, or you might be forced to walk the plank

Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers will entertain from 7:00-9:00 pm
The Blue Buccaneers are comprised of some of the finest of musicians and the band draw on a rich musical background to a work rich with flavor and soul. “Tom’s theatricality and musicianship make for an explosive mix. His songs conjure up a life on the seas in an era when the only hope for destitute sailors was to go “on the account”, to become pirates.

Avast, the adult festivities will also include:
· Pirate Grog Competition
· Rum Runners Relay

Pirate Pub Crawl through HarborWalk Village 9:00 pm
Marauding pirates, if you know HarborWalk Village you don’t want to miss this Pub Crawl! After the Pirate Grog Competition and Rum Runners Relay, show that you are able to be one of the mighty crew and carry on into deeper waters.

About the Challenger: Buccaneer Pirate Ship Crew
The captain is a skilled seadog and you’ll see his Buccaneer Pirate Ship navigating The Emerald Coast waters daily. His fearless crew has one command and that is to make sure that anyone onboard his ship has fun! The Buccaneer crew entertains with interactive sword fights, water gun battles, storytelling, singing, dancing, and treasure hunts.

About those who are being challenged: Billy Bowlegs Krewe
The Krewe of Bowlegs is made up of hard-working and fun-loving individuals in the business community who have been elected to lead in a festival that has turned into one of the “nation’s longest-running and most popular pirate festivals.” The Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival occurs in first full weekend in June. People come by land, sea, and air to join in this event. One can only hope that the Billy Bowlegs Krewe is up to the challenge from the Buccaneer Crew and don’t think they can rest upon their laurels of successfully taking Fort Walton Beach over this past June.


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