Harvest America and Francesca Battistelli at Harborwalk

Harvest-America-Free-Concert-Buccaneer-Pirate-CruiseHarvest America, with Greg Laurie as the guest speaker, is a live nationwide event that will be streamed to thousands of participating locations in the United States on September 28th from 6PM-9PM. One of those locations is Harborwalk, Destin.

Harvest America teams up with top Christian artists and on September 28th, Francesca Battistelli will be performing at the Harborwalk stage.  The concert is free and open to the public. Special guest with Francesca Battistelli will be “Shake the City.”

Over 4,405,000 people have attended Harvest Crusades in one of their participating locations. While over 1,319,400 people have watched their live webcasts. Through these evangelistic crusades, over 370,900 people have registered decisions of faith in Jesus Christ!

Guest Speaker Greg Laurie delivers the gospel message clearly. The goal of Harvest America is to deliver hope to a nation that is desperate for it.  Greg Laurie is asked often why he does what he does.

He speaks of just one story in the many he has. It is about a boy named Jonathan. Jonathan’s mother brought him to a church that was hosting Harvest America via stream. Jonathan committed to follow Jesus that night. The day after the crusade, Jonathan fell sick. The church’s pastor prayed for Jonathan and was there to help his mother. Jonathan did not improve and he was admitted to the hospital where they discovered he had Leukemia. That following Wednesday Jonathan went home to be with the Lord.

“His mother was heartbroken but rejoicing that her son had come to Christ just hours before leaving this world for the next one.”

In conjunction with the streamed crusade, Francesca Battiselli, will be performing live in concert. Battiselli is a three GMA Dove Awards nominee. Some of her most acclaimed songs are:  Free To Be Me, It’s Your Life, and Paper Heart.

Special guests with Francesca will be Shake the CityShake the City consists of Australians and American’s who are worship leaders, youth pastors, song writers and musicians. Their desire is to “unite together as one voice with a passion for God and this generation.”

Harvest America and Francesca Battiselli are being brought to the Emerald Coast area by The Church of Destin. The Church of Destin is comprised of 16 churches in the local area that collaborate to host special events such as this one. They are always recognized for the annual Week of Blessings held in Destin.

You can help aid and assist in this evangelistic crusade! Be sure to attend and bring your friends to this live and free concert on Saturday the 28th.

Or if you would like to volunteer, or join in prayer for this crusade, a Volunteer & Prayer Meeting is being held Sunday, Sept 22nd at 3p at Coastline Calvary Chapel (310 Mountain rive). Or Contact [email protected] to volunteer and participate.

If you wish to help promote the event in your church, contact The Church of Destin for materials or go to HarvestAmerican.com.

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