Welcome mateys! If ye dare step aboard and cruise these waters in search of undiscovered treasure, hearty Arrrrgs from our friendly crew await you as you enter the atmosphere of adventure and fun for the whole family. Music and excitement fill the air as you and your hearties board our ship and the crew prepares for departure.

We begin our search in Destin Harbor and proceed into Choctawhatchee Bay with our merry band of Buccaneers. Your crew will interactively entertain while training the Swabbies and Lil Bucs the basic skills of pirating. Merriment and excitement continues with sword fighting, water gun battles, dancing, story telling, and treasure hunting. Adult mateys join in with your children, or simply kick back, enjoy the island music, take in the scenery, and watch the little ones have the time of their lives.

“Treasure off the port bow!” someone exclaims and all attention draws to a float line marking treasure buried in the sea. All hands on deck join in to hoist the treasure aboard.

Buccaneer is a 100’ Pirate Ship, built in 2012, equipped with 2 restrooms and plenty of room to walk about. Inside the galley, the pirates and wenches serve up hot dogs, smoothies, soft drinks, beer and wine, and other various snacks.

Our priority is to create an exciting, family-fun adventure that is like no other. Aboard the ship, safety and passenger comfort are great concerns and you are in good hands with an experienced captain and crew. Join us for a thrilling two-hour voyage that your whole family will remember as the highlight of your Destin Vacation.

Unlock the treasure of your heart and let your dreams come true!

Scurvy Dogs’ Club (21+ Adults only)

Our Scurvy Dogs’ Club offers a unique nightlife experience for adults to cut loose and enjoy an adventure of their very own. Kick back with your friends and share laughs with new acquaintances while interacting, joking, and singing along and with the Buccaneer crew. The Scurvy Dogs’ Club differs from the rest of our cruises in the structured level of interaction and entertainment. While our regular daily cruises offer entertainment for the young and the young at heart, our Scurvy Dogs’ Club Cruise, held throughout the month, is strictly limited to guests age 21 and older due to the nature of entertainment. While nothing ever goes overboard and everything is all in good fun, some of the jokes are more adult in nature and may not be suitable for all audiences. We understand that opinions and tastes in entertainment are relative, and we suggest the daytime cruises for audiences that prefer a more relaxing atmosphere with prepared interaction and entertainment.

Located at HarborWalk Marina, by Tightlines Restaurant.

Come have fun with us!

Call Our Crew for Details:

Toll free: 855.269.0896

Local: 850.269.0896


Cruise Prices

Pricing - $2 Adult Online Discount
Mateys (Adults): $34.00
Landlubbers (60+): $30.00
Scallywags (Kids 4-14): $19.50
Lil' Bucs (3 & Under): FREE
Monday - Saturday
Year Round Cruises


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