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Captain Cannonball

Birthplace: London, England
Skills: Swordsmanship and Navigation
Weapon of Choice: Cannon & Flintlock Pistol

Captain of The Buccaneer Pirate Ship

As a child, Cliff Atwell loved the sea. At the age of 15, he falsified his age and joined the Royal Navy. Atwell was given a position as gunner. The crew tagged the young man with the name, “Cannonball.”

In 1677, they were given orders to track down and capture the notorious pirate, Commodore Courageous. Once the Commodore’s ship, The Southern Star, was located, the battle began. The fight went broadside with Courageous’ cannons overwhelming the naval ship and the pirates soon boarded.

Commodore Courageous offered quarter to any of the royal sailors wishing to turn pirate. Young Cannonball joined several of his shipmates in taking the offer.

Cannonball was given the position as gunner on board the Star. The young pirate found favor with the captain and quickly rose through the ranks to the position of quartermaster. The Southern Star captured ships from Africa’s west coast, across the Atlantic and into the Caribbean. Finally, Wilson had four ships at his command and named Cannonball captain of the Southern Star. Sailing under Cannonball’s command were Courageous’ son, Lawrence and a young pirate named Daniel Blood Bucket.

On a warm evening in 1698, the Southern Star was anchored off the coast of Tortuga. One of Cannonball’s men made unwanted advances toward a young tavern wench and she shot him. Grace Wing was arrested and sentenced to hang.

Cannonball was impressed by the girl’s spirit and visited her in jail. He amused himself by asking the girl if she had all of her teeth. Cannonball decided to help Grace escape and put her in charge of guarding his treasure until it became apparent that Grace had trouble counting to ten. Not wanting to put his and Commodore Courageous’ fortunes in the hands of someone so numerically challenged, he left the girl in jail.

Cannonball sailed the Southern Star into the Gulf of Mexico. Landing in the northern gulf, he and his men went ashore to explore the area. Cannonball located a map belonging to Captain Billy Bowlegs. His crew located the chest and loaded it aboard the Star. Bowlegs found Cannonball in a tavern and demanded that his treasure be returned. Cannonball refused and both crews drew their pistols and swords. Once Cannonball had beaten Bowlegs, he offered him no quarter. After Bowlegs’ death, Prissy the Pirate Princess joined Cannonball’s crew.

On his way back to the Southern Star, Cannonball was outraged to find that it had been boarded by William Morgan and his crew. Fighting words were exchanged and swords were drawn. The two crews went into battle. The fight between Cannonball and Morgan was brutal. It ended in the two pirates coming together with crossed swords and Morgan agreeing to join forces with Cannonball.

In Morgan’s crew, Cannonball discovered the feisty young woman, turned pirate, whom he had left in jail. Cannonball’s crew now sails on board Commodore Wilson’s new ship, the Buccaneer.